Young, Patrick had only one idea in mind: to become a professional tennis player. However, his parents did not believe in his dream and did not support him. Patrick then promised himself that if he couldn't achieve his dream, he would help others achieve theirs.

In 1996, the Mouratoglou Academy was born. When Patrick started out as a coach, he was told, "What are you doing? You know nothing about coaching." His response: "I may not know much now, but I learn fast." Armed with passion and determination, he built a true empire and became the most influential tennis coach in the world.

He is now known for his ability to turn unknowns into superstars and superstars into sports legends. Many rightly know him as the coach of Serena Williams, with whom he has won 10 Grand Slam tournaments and 2 Olympic gold medals.

Number one in detecting young talent and founder of a revolutionary tennis league (UTS), Patrick continues to innovate and contribute to the future of the sport.

"You will fail at times, but if you don't give up and draw the right lessons from these failures, you will eventually succeed. No one will remember that you failed. Don't consider your failures as the final result, but rather as a simple - necessary - step on the path to success."